Rather than ingesting salt, spa patrons relax in rooms made of it, breathing in misty salty vapors in hopes of clearing their lungs and purifying their skin. It’s a treatment known as halotherapy after the Greek word halo, meaning salt.

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Get Salted: The Latest Skincare Treatment to Try

Pure sodium chloride is put in a machine that crushes it into tinier particles and, through a vent, disperses it into the air of the therapy room. People sit back and breathe it in. “Acts like a little toothbrush in the respiratory and sinus cavities and gives them better, cleaner breathing,” said Sarah Wagner, the business co-owner.

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Athletes Performance Can Benefit From Visiting a Salt Cave

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New salt therapy business claims it can help people with breathing issues

Despite decades of progress on the management of asthma, millions of sufferers still have symptoms, leaving many looking for alternative ways to help their condition. “It’s been really great. I’ve just had my ninth treatment just before we were talking and I’ve got my asthma inhaler down to one puff a day with no coughing, no symptoms,” she tells CTV News.  Read more

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 In the United States, salt’s role as a health remedy is mostly confined to gargling with salt water to ease a sore throat and using it to rinse inflamed sinuses. But an increasing number of Americans are discovering what Europeans have known for centuries: Salt therapy is good for the entire body.  Read more

Asthma sufferers hope salt rooms can offer relief

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Salt Rooms Can Help You Breathe Easier

“While nutritionists pepper us with dire warnings about the health risks of eating too much salt, salt aficionados of an entirely different breed are touting the little crystals as a cure for asthma and allergies, a boost to the immune system, and a way to increase athletic endurance and even to add a glow to your complexion. The secret? Skip the shaker in favor of inhaling the white stuff..”  Read more   

“Research and studies have demonstrated the beneficial value of the micro climate of salt caves in shielding our bodies against viral infections, in balancing our immune system, in the enhancement of sport performance & in the following disorders…”   Read more

How Salt Therapy May Be the Next Big Thing in Pampering Yourself